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A portion of Saskatchewan’s population relies on private septic systems.

These systems need periodic maintenance. They can have holding or septic tanks that will need to be emptied on a timely basis. Emptying these tanks requires qualified personnel. Also, a vacuum truck to empty the tank and haul it away for approved disposal. P R Septic has 10 vacuum trucks. We provide daily service to Prince Albert and the surrounding Lakeland area. We have been providing septic service to these communities since 1987.

Our septic tank service includes the removal of solid and liquid waste.

It also includes a backflush and air injection as per tank requirements. This assures that the tank will be cleaned out completely. Our staff will conduct a visual inspection of the tank and inform you if any issues are identified. Should repairs be required, we will provide a cost estimate for your consideration.

Septic Waste Removal Service
Septic Tank Maintenance

We offer vacuum truck services to:

  • Rural
  • Urban
  • Resort
  • Commercial
  • Forest Fires
  • Mine Sites
  • Construction Sites
  • & More
Water Tank

Fresh Water Hauling

Need a tank-load of water for irrigation or to fill a pond, Hot Tub, or swimming pool? We can help you with that. Need potable water for a holding tank at your acreage or cabin? We can help with that too.
We have a separate fleet of vehicles that we use for “Fresh Water” hauling. You can certainly appreciate why that is how we do it.

Contact us today at 306-982-4544 for all of your fresh-water requirements